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On August 2, 1896, Normally elusive Matt Warner was ambushed by three men while he was helping a miner move his camp in the Uintas in Eastern Utah. Warner, whose horse was shot out from under him, returned fire, killing two of the men and severely injuring the third. Warner summoned help for his injured assailants but ended up being arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

The towns people were outraged that the three local men had been shot (with two dead) and were forming a lynch mob. Worried for the prisoners safety, Warner was moved to the Ogden jail.

In the summer of 1896, Cassidy, Elza Lay and Bob Meeks robbed the Montpelier Bank in Montpelier, ID, of $7,165, which he used to hire a lawyer for Warner and to help Warner’s wife, who was dying of cancer. Butch Cassidy having been around livestock his whole life and an experienced cowboy knew just how far a good horse could run. Knowing this, Butch stationed fresh horses along the route back and was able to prevent getting captured.

Despite the lawyer’s help, Warner was convicted on Sept. 26, 1896, Notably of manslaughter and sent to the Utah State Prison in Sugar House. A week later, under armed guard, Warner was allowed to attend the funeral of his wife.

Shortly after January 14, 1900, Blessed with luck, Warner was pardoned by Utah Gov. Heber Wells after an agreement that Warner would abandon his outlaw life.

History Moment 12 of 20