Hint #3

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Hint #3 + Some Clarifications
There are many components to this hint as we wrap up Day 1.
We hope you’re having as much fun as we are!
1. The phone numbers you find in your packet will NOT help you. No need to make any calls.
2. We’ll be wrapping up for the night soon, so don’t expect answers to questions or comments between 11pm and 7am. You can continue working into the night!
3. Ann Basset’s Secret (Newspaper) – She remembered Butch’s real name and he is dying to help you.
4. We’re monitoring every team’s progress. Be sure to use your team number when entering your answers. This is very much still anyone’s game. There is no out-of-reach leader. It’s still quite possible that a clever team who starts in the morning could catch up and win this.
5. We’re getting many questions about the River Fest Schedule. If you’re having a hard time reading the small text, it reads: “WH/CS/FL 19 & 34, 73 & 74 (SMALL)”
6. For News Carver’s Secret (Coins) the QR code is on the coin.
7. We’re still having difficulty with emails reaching you. We’re no longer using email for hints. Check the website, Facebook, or Instagram.
So fun to see you all out hunting tonight. The town felt alive with adventure!
We’ll release more hints in the morning!