Adventure Awaits in Vernal, Utah

Starting July 26th, 2024


How would $10,000 change your life? Outlaw’s Lost Treasure Hunt is back! Once again this summer, one clever team of hunters will take home a life-changing prize, but only after solving all of our cryptic clues faster than any of the thousands of other hunter’s searching for the same cache.

Butch Cassidy and his gang roamed Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah including the Uintah Basin. His gang hid away many of their ill gotten gains to keep the Sheriff or other bandits from seizing it.

This year, we’ve located a $10,000 treasure carefully tucked away by clever outlaws. Only one team will take home the loot.

Think you have what it takes?

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Laws of the Hunt

Even Outlaws Have Rules They Live By

  1. Outlaws Lost Treasure hunt begins at 9am on Friday, July 26th. Start by scanning the QR code at Robber’s Roost 43 S. 100 W.
  2. The hints will be released through text first. You can sign up more than one teammate to receive the texts. Also, the hints will be released on this website, Instagram, FaceBook, and Twitter shortly after the text.
  3. The Outlaw’s Lost Treasure Hunt is designed to be completed within three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). If needed, hints and insights will be released to ensure the treasure is found by the evening of Sunday, July 28th.
  4. The hunt is free to play. The event is sponsored by Uintah County Tourism, RedExit Escapes, Wendy’s, Ashley Regional Hospital, Strata Networks, Vernal City, The Healthy and Active Committee, Uintah County Library & Heritage Museum, Uintah County History Center, USSD1, TriCounty Health and Ducimus Digital Solutions.
  5. Teams can be of any size. Although the hunt is free, each team will register for a team number when they pick up their first clue by scanning the code at Outlaw’s Blue Moon Saloon at 43 S. 100 W. Keep note of your team number and PIN. You will use it frequently to track your progress and enter codes.
  6. All puzzles, hints and treasures are located within Uintah County or online. All roads necessary to travel on can be driven in a standard car or sedan. All puzzles, hints and the final key are located within 20 miles of downtown Vernal. If you drive further than 20 miles, it is unnecessary and there is an easier way to solve the puzzle.
  7. The final treasure loot is not buried. You will not need to dig or use shovels or a pick ax to access the secret key. It may be covered but can be easily retrieved. The location is easy to access and does NOT require specialized equipment such as repelling gear, wet suits, caving equipment, etc.
  8. Puzzles will require online research. Be prepared to use the internet. Participants may want to familiarize how to use the Uintah County history center website. All online information is available for free. Players do not need to purchase subscriptions to find information.
  9. Players of any age are welcome, however the puzzles are difficult and will require high level problem solving. The skill level required to conquer the puzzles is more difficult than an advanced, difficult escape room. Young children will be challenged.
  10. Obey all traffic and other laws. Players are responsible for any fines or fees.
  11. Be respectful of others, property and buildings. The hints and final loot are not located within a fee pay area such as a State Park or Dinosaur National Monument. There is NOT a need to access private property such as a house or farm. All locations are on publicly accessible property.
  12. As you progress throughout the hunt, you will discover puzzles and clues. You can access a list of any puzzles and clues including timed clues for your team you at
  13. Vandals will be promptly turned into Vernal police or Sheriff department.
  14. The hunt is created and organized by John Batty, Bridget Lake and Quinn Bennion. This closed committee has implemented extreme measures to keep the puzzles and clues confidential and secure. Immediate family members of the committee (parents, children, siblings and immediate in-laws) are ineligible to play the hunt. Extended family members are eligible to play the hunt (after all, half the valley is related to a Batty).


History Moment 3 of 20

History Moment 3 of 20

In 1894, 28 year old Butch Cassidy was found guilty of buying stolen horses for $5 in Wyoming and was sentenced to two years in the state penitentiary. Butch was convinced he'd been set up by cattlemen who didn't want him around. His prison convict number was 187....

History Moment 2 of 20

History Moment 2 of 20

Do you know this outlaw? On September 1, 1878, Passion filled 14-year-old Willard Christiansen fought with a town bully over a girl. Thinking he had killed the other teen, Willard rushed home, grabbed a few possessions and fled to the Diamond Mountain area north of...

History Moment 1 of 20

History Moment 1 of 20

On September 3, 1879, Sometime after turning 13, Butch Cassidy (whose real name is Robert LeRoy Parker) had his first run-in with the law. Butch made a long ride into town to get a new pair of jeans only to find the store closed! Butch let himself into the store, took...

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost to participate?

Free to play, but it is recommended that you register your email to receive updates and hints during play. Thanks to our sponsors for making this possible.


Can I play if I’m not physically in Vernal?

Portions of the riddles can be done at home, but several of the clues require that a member of your team physically be in the Vernal area.

Can children participate?

Yes. Players of any age are welcome, however the puzzles are difficult and will require high level problem solving. The skill level required to conquer the puzzles is more difficult than an advanced, difficult escape room. Young children will be challenged.

Where can I find travel and lodging info for the area?

Head on over to for information on dining, camping, lodging, and local attractions in the area.


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