Welcome Treasure Hunters!

We’re so excited to have you participating in this event. In order to get started in your hunt, you’ll need to follow these instructions closely:

1. Read and review the rules below.

2. Fill out the form below to receive a team number and PIN. Keep both of these number handy! You’ll use them when entering codes.



  1. Vernal Regional Airport’s Easter Treasure Hunt begins at 12pm on Saturday, March 30th. Start by scanning the QR code (location will be announced later).
  2. This Easter Treasure Hunt is designed to be completed within the same day (Saturday the 30th). If needed, hints and insights will be released via the Vernal Regional Airport’s Facebook to ensure the treasure is found by evening.
  3. The hunt is free to play. The event is hosted by Vernal Regional Airport.
  4. Teams can be of any size. Although the hunt is free, each team will register for a team number when they pick up their first clue by scanning the code. The grand prize includes two roundtrip tickets via Contour Airlines (Vernal to Phoenix).
  5. All puzzles, hints and treasures are located within Vernal or online. All roads necessary to travel on can be driven in a standard car or sedan. All puzzles and hints are located within 5 miles of downtown Vernal. If you drive further than 5 miles, it is unnecessary and there is an easier way to solve the puzzle.
  6. You will not need specialized gear to complete any of the activities involved. The final treasure loot is not buried. The final treasure will have directions for the winner on how to claim the prize from the Vernal Regional Airport.
  7. Puzzles might require online research. Be prepared to use the internet. Participants may want to familiarize how to use the Uintah County history center website. All online information is available for free. Players do not need to purchase subscriptions to find information.
  8. Players of any age are welcome, however the puzzles are difficult and will require difficult level problem solving. Young children may be challenged.
  9. Obey all traffic and other laws. Players are responsible for any fines or fees.
  10. Be respectful of others, property and buildings. The hints are NOT located within a fee pay area such as a State Park or Dinosaur National Monument. There is NOT a need to access private property such as a house or farm or even inside of operating businesses. All locations are on publicly accessible property. DO NOT access any fenced area of the Airport or inside the Airport Terminal. 
  11. Vandals will be promptly turned into Vernal police or Sheriff department.
  12. As you progress throughout the hunt, you will discover puzzles and clues. Some puzzles will have timed clues which unlock after a fixed period of time has passed since you solved the previous puzzle. You can access a list of any puzzles and clues you have found thus far at outlawslosttreasure.com/collection.

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