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  1. Reach
    Within two days of announcing our event, our website was already getting thousands of visitors per day. We’re gaining significant reach across Utah, including being featured on KSL. A similar event right here in Utah had 3 million hits on their website their first year.
  2. Community
    This event is appealing to both local and non-local audiences. Individuals who participate in the hunt will learn a great deal about our community, our history, and what we have to offer. They could learn about your business as well!
  3. SEO
    Our website is being designed by Ducimus Digital Solutions with Search Engine Optimization in mind. Because this will be a high traffic website with significant information about our community, having a backlink on our site will help customers find you on Google and other search engines.
  4. Impact
    We’re creating this hunt as a way to end boredom in the basin. Our company exists to combat the phrase “there’s nothing to do in Vernal”, and this treasure hunt is a way for us to provide entertainment that is free to community members.

    High quality entertainment goes a long way to defeating the boredom that leads to high levels of recreational drug use in our area.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Uinta Basin is rich in treasure hunting history. From the Lost Rhoades Mine to Outlaws buried loot. Outlaw’s Lost Treasure is an interactive Treasure Hunt around Uintah County.The hunt kicks off Friday, July 29th and will end sometime that weekend. Hunters will work together in teams to solve clues that will help lead them to the $10,000 cash prize buried somewhere in our community. This event will be an economic driver to our area. We are planning on hundreds of people joining us from around the tri-state area. We hope you will consider sponsoring this new event.

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